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Cute Hello Kitty character is in my smartphone!

Hello Kitty Diary is a diary that functions as a normal diary and menstrual cycle diary in one application. Also you can make your own characteristic diary with various calendar skins and notes by cute Hello Kitty character and decoration icons.


The diary has various designs and practical menstrual cycle dairy functions for women. Catch two hares, practicality and designs, with Hello Kitty Diary.    


 [The main functions]

- Two diaries the normal diary and menstrual cycles diary

- Various 13 calendar skins and 17 note skins.

- The functions to choose the note’s colors.

- The functions to add pictures and maps on the notes.

- The functions to sent e-mail of note’s contents.

- Various decoration icons of 10 themes.

- Menstrual cycle’s automatic calculator.

- Indication of the next expected period date, ovulation date and the child-bearing period.

- Privacy protection function.

Backup/recovery is possible through using a SD Card.



- Various 13 types of Hello Kitty calendar backgrounds.

- Read the note’s contents with preview boxes that indicate the title of notes.

- See both the normal diary and menstrual cycle diary.

- Make your own characteristic diary by locating decoration icons where you want.

- You can choose different calendar skin for every month.



- Various 17 types of note backgrounds.

- Apply different font colors on each note.

- Set preview boxes and colors on each note.

- Add pictures and maps on the notes.

- Apply alarm function and set D-day.

- Support function of rotation screen.


 [Decoration icons]

- Apply various decoration icons of 10 themes.

- Locate the icons where you want with edit and add functions.


 [Menstrual cycle diary]

- Easy to convert from the normal calendar to menstrual cycle diary.

- Ability to set period cycles and love day directly.

- When you input the starting period date and cycle, you can see information such as the expected period and ovulation date.

- Set monthly menstrual cycle differently. When you change the cycle, first input the cycle, then put period date to apply properly.



- Support function of D-Day.

- Support setting of repetition, alarm, closing day.



- Select calendar’s theme, note’s theme, and note’s font colors.

- Set average period cycles.

- Set the pin number of the diary.

- Backup/recovery is possible through using a SD Card.

- How to use.

* For more details to usage, go to Setting-> How to use or website(

For further inquiries, please send e-mail to

"This application is created through official alliance of license with Sanrio Digital. "

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